Top 5 Attractions & Activities In Barcelona


Barcelona is a Mediterranean city in the northeastern part of Spain. The city has a diverse culture and tradition. Besides this, it is home to 7 blue-flagged beaches. One can enjoy and experience the Mediterranean vibes and pleasant weather in this city. 

You might have heard about this city at some time in your life due to its famous football club that has produced some of the most talented football players ever. But Barcelona’s opulence is not just limited to its football legends. There are numerous beautiful sights, attractions, and activities that one can relish on his trip to Barcelona. 

You can easily book your tickets to any of the attractions using Tiqets without the hassle of standing in long queues. In addition, you can also get impressive offers on your booking with Tiqets promo codes. So, today we are going to talk about the 5 things you should not miss to do in Barcelona.

Barcelona Aquarium

If you are a person who loves adventure and exploring the life of underwater species of plants and animals, then you can visit the Barcelona aquarium. Here, you can witness approximately 12,000 animal species, including sharks, seahorses, rays, and many others. This aquarium also offers a great way to enhance your awareness of the underwater world through its various programs. By attending these programs, you can educate yourself and your children on the importance of preserving marine life.

Poble Espanyol

Spain was very rich during the ancient times when it came to various cultural, architectural, and religious values. Even today, you can find the richness of its culture in some of the places. If you are someone who wants to become familiar with the historical background of Spain, then there is a place called Poble Espanyol which is worth visiting. At Poble Espanyol, you can see traditional houses, crafts, artwork, food, and clothing. This can bring you an unparalleled peace by offering an escape from the obligations of daily life. 

Barcelona Zoo

Nature is full of beautiful sights and marvellous animals. But, unfortunately, due to modernization and deforestation, we are deprived of such true treasures of nature. Nevertheless, we can still appreciate the beauty of nature with the help of zoos. If you happen to be in Barcelona, you can visit this spectacular zoo. The Barcelona Zoo is a house for more than 400 animal species, including herons, falcons, jackdaws, mohor gazelle, pygmy hippopotamus, and more. One can learn a lot about animals, birds, and their habitats. This zoo can also be used to educate young children about wildlife.

Montjuic Cable Car

Are you somebody who is seeking a breath-taking experience? Montjuic Cable Car is what you might be knowingly or unknowingly seeking. This cable car is firmly fixed 170 metres above the ground level, which offers a panoramic view of the entire Barcelona along with the Mediterranean Sea. This view is widely popular as bird’s-eye view. You can also make use of this cable car to reach Montjuïc Hill while enjoying the scenery beneath. If you are looking to book a ride at Montjuic, visit Tiqets. Also, you can use Tiqets voucher to get a discount on your booking.

The Salt Mountain of Cardona

The Salt Mountain is an impressive natural beauty located in Cardona. It is said that the mountain was formed 65 million years ago. And, as the population of people surrounding the mountain started growing, the salt was utilised to prepare food and for trading purposes. Today, The Salt Mountain has a height of about 150 metres, and it is spread across an area of 0.77 square miles. People from around the world arrive at this place to learn about the history and appreciate this scenic work by nature. 

Final Thoughts

Barcelona is a city full of natural treasures that delights the senses with their grace and beauty. If you are planning to visit this magnificent city, you are about to create some unforgettable moments that will last forever with you. Barcelona has stunning architectural designs, a vibrant lifestyle, warm climate, beautiful beaches, and diverse wildlife. As a final thought, Barcelona is blessed with attractive destinations and landmarks, be they man-made or natural. And the city welcomes anybody who wishes to embrace it.



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